Obtaining a Real Estate License in Oregon


The state of Oregon offers a wide variety of opportunities for visitors, residents and professionals alike. Portland has become a trendy city in recent years, and this allows real estate professionals the unique opportunity to become successful in the state. Those interested in a realty career in Oregon may wonder hot to get a real estate license in this state. Oregon recognizes three distinct levels of realty licenses: broker, principal broker and property manager. Because this article addresses people who might be unfamiliar with real estate or new to Oregon’s regulations, the focus will be on the entry-level realty license. The following provides practical information for people interested in obtaining a broker’s license in Oregon.

Basic Prerequisites

Oregon requires basic prerequisites in order to apply for a broker’s license in the state. All candidates for an Oregon state broker’s license must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Hold a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Submit an application with necessary fees ($230)
  • Complete the prelicensure coursework
  • Submit an official application
  • Pass the licensing exam

Because a broker’s license is considered an entry-level position, brokers must operate under the supervision of a principal broker. Realtors must also obtain Errors & Omissions insurance and submit to a background check and fingerprinting at the time of the final exam.

Training & Education

Applicants for an Oregon broker’s license must complete 150 total hours of prelicensure coursework that include designated topics. The agency accepts courses completed from July 2002 forward, which means that applicants have an expansive window in which to complete these prelicensure courses. The agency requires candidates to use approved schools for the coursework, a list of which appears on their website.

Oregon licensing exams are administered by PSI, Inc. Applicants must make arrangements for the licensing exam separately and pay the fees directly to the testing service. Information on requirements, eligibility and scoring may be found directly on the testing service’s website. PSI, Inc. also handles the required background check and fingerprinting of all applicants. The fees, paid directly to PSI, Inc., are as follows: exam ($75), background check ($47.25) and fingerprinting ($15). 

Brokers renewing their licenses for the first time must complete a total of 30 hours of continuing education. Of these 27 hours, three must be a required course mandated by the agency. Subsequent renewals only require the 3 hour mandatory CE course rather than the total 30. Though some exceptions may apply, the renewal period for a licensee is two years, and there is a $230 renewal fee per period.

Additional Information

Oregon offers reciprocal licensing to the following jurisdictions: Alabama, Alberta (Canada), Georgia, Nebraska and South Dakota. Realtors from these states must contact the licensing division directly for specific information regarding requirements.

This article addresses the licensing requirements for an entry-level realtor in the state of Oregon. More advanced options included brokers and property managers. These positions require additional education and experience. Individuals who are interested in becoming licensed brokers or property managers in Oregon should visit the agency’s website to learn more about the supplemental requirements associated with these advanced licenses.

The Oregon REA oversees the licensing and ethical requirements of realtors on a statewide basis. For broader regulatory statutes, national and international organizations exist. Two prominent entities are the National Association of Realtors and the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO). These associations work to develop and regulate real estate standards and codes of ethics across a global scale, ensuring that real estate agents and commissions worldwide adhere to the same principles of business.


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