Obtaining a Real Estate License in North Dakota


Despite its ranking as one of the least densely populated states, North Dakota offers plenty of opportunities for would-be realtors. During the recent economic downturn, North Dakota tapped into its natural resources to weather impending crises, which led to an increase in employment and job opportunities. This means that realtors in North Dakota can rest assured that business will remain strong for the future. Those interested in how to get a real estate license in North Dakota should peruse the following article for basic information. The North Dakota Real Estate Commission outlines education requirements and other qualifications for realtors in this state, and the following guide outlines this pertinent information.

Basic Prerequisites

North Dakota requires applicants for a real estate license to meet certain qualifications before becoming licensed. In general, candidates for a realty license in North Dakota must:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Possess good character traits as designated by the commission
  • Submit an $8 fee for a mandatory credit report
  • Complete 45 hours of prelicensure coursework
  • Obtain Errors & Omission insurance
  • Complete an official application and pay the appropriate fees
  • Pass a licensing exam

North Dakota requires candidates to possess good character in order to obtain a license. For detailed information on what defines good character, applicants are encouraged to check with the commission prior to submitting an application. 

Training & Education

Applicants for a North Dakota real estate license must complete 45 hours of prelicensure coursework. While applicants must complete this prelicensure coursework prior to becoming licensed, they may take the final exam before completing all educational requirements. Once licensed, realtors have one year to complete an additional 15 hours of post-licensing coursework to maintain an active license. A list of providers appears on the state commission’s website.

Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc. administers the North Dakota licensing exam, for which there is a fee of $130. Applicants must register for the test and pay for it separately from the application submitted to the commission. Additional information on testing locations, requirements and scoring may be found on the testing website.

Licenses in the state of North Dakota must be renewed annually and require 9 hours of continuing education. Of these 9 hours, 3 must come from a mandatory core course. For 2013, however, there will not be a mandatory core course, so realtors must fulfill the CE requirements via relevant electives.

Additional Information

The new license application fee is $100, and every new licensee must also pay a fee of $20 for the Education, Research and Recovery Fund when they become licensed. This $20 fee is a one-time only expense. 

North Dakota offers reciprocal licenses to realtors in Georgia, Iowa and Minnesota. Realtors from these states must still pay the $100 application fee and submit proof of Errors & Omissions insurance in order to receive a North Dakota license.

North Dakota recognizes additional real estate licenses, but for purposes of initial information, this article only addresses salesperson licenses. Individuals interested in obtaining a broker or other realty license should peruse the state commission’s website to learn more about additional experience and educational requirements.

The North Dakota Real Estate Commission provides rules and regulations to maintain the practice of real estate on a statewide basis. Other organizations exist to monitor teal estate activity on a worldwide basis. The National Association of Realtors and the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) are two prominent associations that work to develop and maintain real estate ethics and principles on a global scale. More information on regulatory practices may be found on their websites.


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