Obtaining a Real Estate License in New Hampshire


A small state nestled in the upper northeast of the United States, New Hampshire offers real estate professionals the chance for expansion. Those curious about how to get a real estate license in New Hampshire might wonder where to begin. For starters, the New Hampshire Real Estate Commission (NHREC) provides detailed information on their website regarding applicable statutes for becoming a licenses real estate. This article seeks to educate potential realtors on basic requirements, such as educational and testing qualifications necessary in order to obtain a real estate license. Perusing the following guide should allow those interested in a real estate career to learn the qualifications for becoming a realtor in the state of New Hampshire.

Basic Prerequisites

The NHREC outlines certain prerequisites for persons interested in obtaining a real estate license in this state. In general, all applicants for a real estate license must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Complete 40 hours of approved prelicensure coursework
  • Pass a final licensing exam
  • Provide proof of sound character
  • Prove that they have a clean record without negative conduct
  • Submit to a background check
  • Pay a new application fee of $90

Applicants must also submit to the commission three letters of recommendation regarding their character, and the letters must not be written by relatives (blood or marriage). The commission will also determine if additional references or paperwork is required on a case-by-case basis, such as in the matter of a criminal history.

Training & Education

The New Hampshire Real Estate Commission requires 40 hours of prelicensure coursework to be completed prior to taking the final licensing exam. A list of approved schools may be found on the NHREC’s website, though the list is not necessarily exhaustive.

The NHREC licensing exam is administered by Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP), and detailed information regarding registration and scoring can be found in the online handbook provided by the testing service. Applicants must pay the $155 exam registration fee directly to AMP.

Applicants have six months from the date they pass the exam to obtain a real estate license in New Hampshire. After six months, they must retake the exam and pay the applicable fees. 

New Hampshire real estate licenses expire after two years. The commission will mail notices within 60 days of expiration. Active licensees must complete three hours of “core” real estate courses and 9 elective courses in order to meet the continuing education requirements for renewal, and there is a $60 fee for renewal.

Additional Information

New Hampshire has reciprocal agreements with the following states: Georgia, Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont. Realtors from these states may receive a New Hampshire real estate license provided that they pass the state portion of the licensing exam.

The information contained herein applies to real estate salesperson licenses. While the NHREC also issues additional realty licenses such as broker’s licenses, this article speaks to the salesperson specifically. Brokers and other real estate professionals require additional education and experience qualifications. Individuals interested in those careers should visit the NHREC website to find out more about licensing and application requirements.

The New Hampshire Real Estate Commission maintains the rules and regulations for real estate professionals on a state level. In cooperation with this state agency, two organizations work to regulate standardized codes of ethics and practices across widespread real estate commissions. The National Association of Realtors and the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) actively maintain regulations for the conducting of real estate practices on national and international levels, ensuring that real estate agents and commissions adhere to fair and ethical procedures.


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