Obtaining a Real Estate License in Missouri


Known as the “Show Me State,” Missouri draws in thousands of visitors each year to see the Gateway Arch and other famous attractions. Its diverse geography and population also draw permanent residents and businesses, so realtors in Missouri are able to take advantage of the state’s natural charm. Managed by the Missouri Division of Professional Registration, the Missouri Real Estate Commission (MOREP) oversees all aspects of the real estate profession in this state. Those wondering how to get a real estate license in Missouri should find the following information useful in getting started.

Basic Prerequisites

The MOREP requires that applicants for a real estate salesperson license in Missouri meet certain qualifications. Applicants must be at least 18 years old and meet one of the following list of additional qualifications:

  • Licensed attorney
  • One-time only sitting granted for the licensing exam
  • Complete 70 hours of prelicensure coursework by an approved school
  • Meet the qualifications for a nonresident agent (see “Additional Information” below)
  • Pay a $50 application fee

As of 2012, Missouri now requires fingerprinting for licensees, and licensees must submit to a state and federal background check. In addition to the above requirements, applicants must demonstrate good character and the competency to conduct real estate. The commission may administer written or oral exams to determine the character of applicants at their discretion.

Training & Education

The MOREP requires 70 total hours of prelicensing coursework for new, resident applicants. Of these 70 hours, 48 must be completed prior to taking the licensing exam; 24 are to be taken once applicants pass the exam. The 70 hours must be completed in full before applicants submit their official applications. Applicants who complete the prelicensure coursework have six months to submit the completion certificates for application purposes. There are options for school, such as real estate specific schools or accredited universities, which the state outlines on its website.

These educational requirements may be fulfilled in other ways according to state guidelines, such as attorneys who hold a current law license or individuals who have completed alternate education. Those who meet these qualifications should check to see if they qualify for a partial or full waiver on the educational requirements.

The licensing exam is administered by Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP). Detailed information regarding testing procedures, scoring and fees can be found in the candidate handbook provided by the testing service.

Real estate agents in Missouri must renew their licenses in even-numbered years for $40, and at the time of renewal, they must have completed 12 hours of continuing education. If they do not meet the requirement, they must take a 24 hour Missouri Real Estate Practice course.

Additional Information

Missouri no longer offers reciprocal licenses. If a realtor from another state desires to obtain a real estate license in Missouri, he or she must take the 24 hour Missouri real estate course and meet other requirements as outlined by the state.

The MOREP manages licenses for all real estate professionals, but the information contained herein addresses real estate salesperson licenses specifically. Other professionals like brokers require additional experience and education to practice in the state of Missouri. Individuals interested in other real estate professions should check out the MOREP website to learn more on additional licensing requirements.

While the Missouri Real Estate Commission regulates the licensing and application requirements for state specific realtors, national and international organizations work to monitor the real estate profession on a global scale. The National Association of Realtors and the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) are two major organizations that manage codes of ethics and prescribe universal standards for the practice of real estate.


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