Obtaining a Real Estate License in Maine


Individuals interested in a career as a real estate agent in Maine might be wondering how to get started. Rules for becoming a realtor in each state vary, and Maine has its own set of distinctions between a sales associate and broker. This article addresses the former, or how to get a real estate license as a sales associate in Maine. Under the governing authority of the Maine Department of Professional and Financial Regulation and the Office of Professional and Occupational Regulation, the Maine Real Estate Commission outlines guidelines and procedures for obtaining a real estate sales associate license. The following guide answers some basic questions regarding this license and its requirements.

Basic Prerequisites

The Maine Real Estate Commission sets forth certain prerequisites for individuals interested in obtaining a real estate license in Maine. For a salesperson (or sales associate) real estate license, applicants must:

  • Be 18 or older
  • Have a high school degree or equivalent
  • Pass an approved Sales Agent course at 75%
  • Pay the $100 new license fee
  • Submit an application
  • Pass the official licensing exam at 75%

Training & Education

Maine handles its educational requirements differently from other states in that each licensure designation requires a “course” rather than a prescribed number of hours. In this case, the real estate sales agent must complete a “Sales Agent” course in order to obtain his or her license.

The Maine Real Estate Commission maintains a list of schools that offer the required course for becoming a licenses real estate sales associate. Applicants should familiarize themselves with this list and other educational requirements in order to meet the qualifications.

Pearson VUE administers the Maine real estate exam, for which there is an $85 fee. Applicants must register and pay for the exam apart from the application process. More detailed information regarding testing procedures and scoring information may be found on the testing service’s website. Applicants may also wish to peruse the handbook made available by Pearson VUE.

A salesperson license in the state of Maine costs $100, is good for two years and is non-renewable. Sales associates must be affiliated with a broker or real estate agency in order to perform certain services. The two-year limitation may be extended under certain circumstances.

Additional Information

Maine offers reciprocal licenses to individuals who hold active real estate licenses in other states. Applicants must meet the basic requirements for a Maine license, pass the Maine portion of the licensing exam, pay a $100 fee and submit the appropriate paperwork. In addition, like all other applicants for a real estate license in Maine, nonresident and reciprocal applicants must submit to a federal background check. They must also furnish information regarding their licensing from their home state and be associated with a Maine broker in order to conduct real estate.

While Maine recognizes other types of real estate professionals, like brokers, this article addresses those interested in obtaining a real estate salesperson license. Salespersons work under a supervising broker, despite their federal status as self-employed individuals. For more information on becoming a licensed broker, such as educational and experience requirements, interested individuals should visit the Main commission website.

The Maine Real Estate Commission outlines guidelines and regulations for obtaining and keeping professional real estate licenses on a state level. The National Association of Realtors and the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) are two organizations that do this on a national and international level, respectively. These associations set professional codes of ethics across border lines, ensuring that realtors and realty commissions adhere to a prescribed set of business ethics.


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