Obtaining a Real Estate License in Hawaii


When people think of Hawaii, they may picture beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts and stunning volcanic views. They probably won’t think of real estate. However, Hawaii, like all other states, requires realtors to maintain personal property and all those luxury resorts that vacationers visit by the thousands. People interested in the real estate industry in Hawaii may wonder how to get started. Regulated by the Hawaii Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs and Professional and Vocational Licensing Division, the Hawaii Real Estate Branch (REB) maintains certain regulations for potential real estate salespersons in the state of Hawaii. The following guide offers some information on how to get a real estate license in this state.

Basic Prerequisites

The Hawaii REB maintains certain prerequisites for real estate applicants. Applicants in this state must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a U.S. citizen or authorized resident
  • Provide proof of a history of good character (see online list of regulations)
  • Complete the required prelicensure coursework
  • Pass the state exam and submit final application within two years

Training & Education

The Hawaii REB requires 60 hours of prelicensure coursework by an approved school. A list of these schools may be found on the board’s website. Certain candidates may be exempt from the educational requirement if they meet other criteria, such as holding a license in another state or completing alternative coursework. Applicants who feel they meet these qualifications should fill out the appropriate forms and contact the REB to determine whether they qualify. Note that realtors from other states may be exempt from certain portions of the exam, but they will still need to complete the Hawaii portion in order to be granted a license in this state.

In general, however, applicants must take and complete these 60 hours of required coursework in order to take the state exam. They will have two years from the date they complete the exam to submit a completed application for a Hawaii real estate salesperson license.

PSI, Inc. administers the Hawaii state exam. Potential applicants should research the company’s website in order to learn more information. Applicants will be required to schedule and pay for this exam separately from the application they submit to the state.

Licenses in the state of Hawaii are renewed biennially and require 20 hours of continuing education credits to be valid. 

Additional Information

The Hawaii REB charges a nonrefundable $25 new license fee for real estate salesperson licenses. Other fees may apply depending on applicant.

Hawaii does not recognize licenses from other states; however, those interested in practicing real estate in Hawaii have options. For those who currently hold a real estate license in another state, they may be able to simply take a portion of the state exam in order to be granted a Hawaii license. They should contact the Hawaii REB for further instructions, fees and requirements.

The Hawaii REB also maintains separate requirements for brokers and various property managers. The information in this article addresses those interested in a real estate salesperson license only. For all other types of real estate licenses, applicants should check out the REB’s website for more information.

Widespread organizations exist that govern general codes of ethics among national and international realty commissions. Some of the most prominent include the National Association of Realtors and the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO). These and other similar organizations develop and maintain standardized codes of conduct and practices across state and international borders.


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