Obtaining a Real Estate License in Arizona


Each state outlines different guidelines for obtaining a real estate license. While regulated by the governing authority of the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) and the codes of conduct enacted by the National Association of Realtors, states maintain individual rights in establishing guidelines for real estate applicants. Realtors in Arizona, for example, must adhere to the Arizona Department of Real Estate for specific licensing requirements. Under the Arizona Department of Real Estate, applicants for a real estate license must meet certain prerequisites and pass licensing exams to qualify for a realtor salesperson license. The following guide offers additional information on how to get a real estate license in the state of Arizona.

Basic Prerequisites

The Arizona Department of Real Estate, in a two-page brochure on the subject, outlines the following prerequisites for obtaining a salesperson license:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Get a copy of the Candidate Handbook and review it
  • Pass a fingerprint check (clearance card)
  • Complete 90 hours of classroom real estate instruction
  • Pass school and state exams after classroom completion
  • Apply for a license within one year of passing the state exam

In addition to these requirements, Arizona requires certain documents from applicants in order to complete the pre-licensure paperwork, which include: an application and appropriate fees, proof of residence, certificate from the pre-licensing course, disclosure of “disciplinary actions,” fingerprint clearance card, certificate for a contract writing course, any disclosure documentation (of misconduct or other criminal offenses), and either a free online “Hire as Salesperson” or a print form with applicable fee.

Training & Education

Arizona requires more education than many states, with 90 hours of prelicensing coursework required for applicants. However, this still compares favorably with traditional two- and four-year colleges, which may require many more hours of education and include irrelevant electives. In addition to the 90 hours of prelicensing coursework, realtors in the state of Arizona must renew their licenses every two years and obtain 24 hours of continuing education credits in order to renew. Late fees apply for those who don’t renew on time or obtain the necessary continuing education.

Additional Information

The fees for application, exam testing and new licenses are regulated by the Arizona Department of Real Estate. 

  • New license fee: $60, which includes a license fee of $50 and a recovery fund fee of $10
  • Exam fees (both application and exam): $75

These fees are significantly lower than other states, but applicants should keep in mind that other fees may apply for fingerprinting and other documentation. Approved schools can be found by searching the state’s website for accreditation information. Applicants can complete the educational requirements online or in person at an approved location as outlined by the department.

Obtaining a real estate broker license differs from getting a real estate salesperson license, though both share similar requirements. The information in this article specifically addresses salesperson licenses. Those wishing to obtain a broker license should check the requirements for this area.

One important thing to note is that Arizona is a non-reciprocal licensing state, meaning that those who hold real estate licenses in other states must complete the same paperwork and licensing educational requirements as new applicants in the state. However, the department may waive these educational requirements depending on a person’s previous experience as a real estate professional. Those who wish to have the educational requirements waived should contact the state department for further information.


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